Friday, October 19, 2012

Impregnation continues!

Mouryou no Nie, of all titles (may as well be an official Inyouchuu spinoff), is getting an h-anime adaptation! MS-Pictures seems to be doing it again, the release date is set for December 14th. Let's hope it has a better budget than Etsu and has the Shoku team animating it! Source

In addition to this, looks like the next DARKER Aojiru title is set for January 2013, Kagome no Mayu. Seems to be ninja/school themed. Bring it on. Check out the main site for samples (TB stopped blocking us awhile ago, thank goodness). Source



  1. Can you please re-upload Mahou Shoujo Ai Ep05vs2? Thanks.

  2. hey guys, are you going to sub this one to? *.*

  3. Ai ep5 re-uploaded.

    *Diogo: In the short few years we started up and have been around... hentai fansubbing is a lot more active than ever before now. Sub-Desu beat us to Etsu and Kowaku, so I have a feeling this one might be subbed pretty quickly too. Less work for us, but if the translation isn't amazing or something maybe we could do our own release someday too.