Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inyouchuu Shoku Uncensored Released!


Finally our official release! Nothing different from what's already floating around, but here you go. Again, super exciting to see this uncensored... too bad the video quality was handled horrendously (not the raws either, it's the DVD's!) I say keep both releases around.

- MU
- FS
- FServe
- DP
- UK
- UH
- MultiUpload
- Torrent

We're still up for doing the bonus scene (50% TL), which sadly apparently didn't make the cut here for the uncensored release. Look forward to that in the future.


  1. many thanks for the subs,
    is shame that there is not bonus scene uncensored but still i wait for you subed version of the the twin lolis xD