Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Intro & 1st release, Inyouchuu!!

Finally updating this. Here it is, the infamous Amour/Suzukimirano adaptation of Tinkerbell's successful Inyouchuu series, this one was based off the first game. As hardcore as it is, it's tamer than anything else in the franchise! First off give a special thanks to our translator
Barbar of Damascus for the work on episode 2 AND, another big thanks for Shocwave's (of Erobeat fame) last minute encoding treatment along with the excellent raws!Download:

Anyways this is the first of hopefully a few more releases. First thing is first though, so far it's mainly just BoD and I and well, WE ENJOY TENTACLE RAPE! But seriously, Inyouchuu is a taste of the kind of content we'll potentially be subbing. Love it or leave it. That's that! Look forward for more later...


  1. You've done a really great job on this sub!

  2. Awesome work.

    Any chance of Shoku getting the same treatment at some point? I know episode 2 has been subbed by some unknown subber, but I personally would really enjoy to know both eps are subbed properly

  3. Thanks guys.

    I know I'd love to do Shoku and it may be a project in the future, right now though I'm unsure. Someone on Hongfire's forums has been making up a script for episode 1 but that's been for over a year now I believe. And yeah, the current translation of episode 2 is almost HK quality. If we can ever get around to this we'll do both episodes and I've got HQ raws to work with.

  4. Meioh, I think Inyouchuu consist of 3 parts:
    - Inyouchuu The Animation (2 eps) [prequel]
    - Inyouchuu Shoku (2 eps)
    - Inyouchuu Shoku Special [sequel]
    Except the special... have you subbed all of them? If could, I want to watch all of them ;)

  5. Translation for episode 1 of Shoku is done, so the release for both of them should be coming soon. The newest news post I put up has a link to the Complete/Special Edition which has 10 minutes of extra footage with the twins, probably my top favorite scenes from the series now!

  6. The torrent link is dead. Still awesome though that you are providing this for us hentai lovers.

  7. Both DDLs dead (Megaupload is gone for good. FU Us Govt). Torrent link gone, and RS has this nasty habit of limiting download speed to less than 250kb/s making downloading anything near impossible. Could you POSSIBLY upload things elsewhere? At any rate, thank you for making these available

  8. how do i watch the video i dont see a link any where