Monday, July 12, 2010

Double Penet-Release!

Yes, we are alive and we are well. First off we've got a new release for the 5th and will-never-be-rightfully-released episode of the first Mahou Shoujo Ai series. It's been done before but this translation is a major improvement and more consistent with the official R1 subs for the other episodes. Give all your thanks to BoD on this one, as he had it finished months ago! My lazy ass finally figured out encoding though, so let me know how this release turns out.

- DDL [RS]
- DDL [MU]


Secondly, this isn't exactly animation related, but it's Inyouchuu related, so yes that's nothing but epicness. I have made a contact with someone in Japan and we worked out getting the special, pre-order only bonus artbook that came with Etsu fully scanned in all its glory. Currently there's some good chances I'll be able to get Aojiru Works out there as well, which is apparently like 5-6x bigger than this Etsu artbook! So, enjoy this ultra HQ beauty!

- DDL [RS]


  1. woohoo. thanks meiohsubs! :)

  2. I DLed and watched Your AWESOME "Mahou Shoujo Ai" 5th ep release. Thx!. XD

    I thought it was weird for it to be so big for a 27min long and x264 encoded not-quite-480p (since it's 4:3) file...
    And It seemed to have some Lag on my 7-Year-old PC (Pentium 4), which only happens in very Graphic-Heavy 720p Movies...
    I went around and looked at CCCp's MPC-HC's "File Properties" (SHIFT+F10 key), ffdshow's and CoreAVC's "pin info" and also checked with "MediaInfo" and they all confirmed that I had found out why it was a big file and somewhat laggy.

    I'm pretty sure the original DVD can't have more that around 30fps and normally it would be 25fps (in R2/Japan);
    So, I was left wondering:
    Why 119.880fps(!)?... It even thrashes my CPU bad enough for some lag (and I might not be the only one)...

    I'm ranting but I'm VERY Thankfull for this. An AWESOME translation.

    Thx for everything!.

    Thx!. XD


      C Ya L8r then!.   ;P  


  3. Can you encode TheBest_F-22? If you're willing to help maybe we can get a v2 release out.

  4. hi, can i apply for an encoder and file uploader?

  5. i cant download the Mahou Shoujo Ai" 5th ep from Rs can u please share tham on another hoster? i where searching so long for it T.T