Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ouka & Kikuka's Vacation!

Figured a gif would get everyone's attention!

Well I never lied, it's finally here! No joke. My personal favorite episode of all time, the lovely Ouka and Kikuka getting stuffed by our savior Meioki, what a hero he is! Hopefully the few fans are still out there and will have fun with this one. This more than likely brings our subbing journey to a close, unless more Aojiru adaptations appear that don't get picked up by anyone else. If nobody touches them, I'll make it happen.
I'm doing a limited release here, only DDL's:

Where do I go from here? Well, I'll make the Aojiru/Inyouchuu fansite a reality someday, for sure. It will happen! As long as there's a few more diehards out there for it like myself, that's totally fine with me. Until then I'm on the path to uncover Aojiru's hidden secrets and will continue to dig up anything I can, probably even start importing some stuff because I'm that crazy. Who am I kidding, it's already begun. If you have some Inyouchuu material on your hands that you don't want or know some good sources, contact me ASAP!

So, Lewd Demon Bugs be praised. Let us hope Aojiru continues his rampage of inflations and bug birthings in his darker games, and that more h-anime continues to evolve in these beautiful ways.

All hail Inyouchuu!


  1. Hi and good job.
    I have a question. Where could you get this work but uncensored: Inyouchuu Ouka & Kikuka's Vacation?

    I've been looking for it and nothing.

  2. This bonus episode was sadly not released uncensored unlike the rest.