Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inyouchuu Shoku Uncensored

Quick update, yes it was licensed by a German company and a rip is now out there. People are already ripping our subs and putting out unofficial releases... which is fine I guess, but we will release it officially in due time. Will probably wait for episode 2 to come out next month and release them together again.

The video quality is not amazing but if it's all we can work with that's all we can do now. My theory is that the source could potentially be based off the "Complete Edition" (which was botched by the original company itself, seriously if you find raws for the complete edition compare the quality to the older rips of Shoku 1-2, big difference, even the censoring was more obnoxious in the complete edition), which in turn could be somewhat good news considering that ups the chances of us seeing the bonus episode with the twins uncensored (anyone remember that Angel Blade Nailkazer x Blade scene that was never uncensored? Or how about that Mahou Shoujo Ai 5... hopefully we don't see another case like that here with the bonus episode of Shoku and that they indeed licensed that material as well).

Until then, you can get the raw here.


  1. here are the torrents for both episodes released by WoH with Jap and Ger dub


    Think you can use these as a raw ^_^

  2. OMFG. I never complain about censorship but this uncensored version of inyouchuu shoku is something else, thanks for the link to nyan torrents.